Wolfgang Heuwinkel
aus einem alten klavier

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"aus einem alten Klavier" 
Hommage á Nam June Paik


„fly… piano… fly…“
pianolid (strip of wood with lock),
feathers, 2010
L 170 cm x H 5 cm x B 5 cm


“monument of a piano”

pianokeys (wood, plastic),
corpus (stained pulp), 2010
H 52 cm, diameter 14 cm


"changing pendulum"
different positions give different
swings emplitutes pianokey
(wood, plastic), 2010
L 37 cm x H 12 cm x B 3,5 cm



alterable with white glove (fabric)
and black nails black hand (plastic),
pianokeys (wood, plastic), 2010
L 40 cm x H 30 cm x B 10 cm


“dancing keys”
pianokeys (wood, plastic),
gearwheel (iron), 2010
H 50 cm,  diameter 30 cm